If you’d like to cooperate on our project, a good way to do it is to buy one or more of the Foundation’s solidarity Headband.

Cooperate with Mountaineers for Himalaya Foundation by making a gift of solidarity this year for yourself, your family, your friends or even your business.

For just 10 euros plus shipping, you can buy the model you like best, helping to make our world a fairer and better place. To make your purchase just fill out the form below and send it to We’ll ship your order at the address you specify.

The funds raised from the sale of the solidarity Headband will be devoted in full to the funding of our educational project Kailash Home in Nepal.

Your donation will help us achieve our goal of making education a fundamental tool for generating progress in the Himalaya area.

Order form

You can purchase our solidarity neck gaiters directly at:

  • Museu Fàbrica Reig
  • Viladomat Esports (Seccions muntanya botigues : Av. Meritxell, Viladomat Signature i Intersport Outdoor)
  • Carving Esports
  • Altitud esports
  • Lolë
  • Calçats Tosca
  • Perruqueria Montserrat
  • El racó de l’Anna
  • Om Ioga
  • Aura Espai