The Kailash Home is a living project that is constantly on the lookout for sources of financing. This is the reason why it runs a permanent campaign called “Sponsor a Child”.

The Kailash Home project currently sponsors 100 children to whom a loving home and the chance of a complete education is offered.

Sponsorship is a form of collaboration that establishes a solidary link between the sponsor and the child. The annual fee is $ 1,900, an amount that covers the initial transport expenses of the child to Kathmandu, the school enrolment fee, the accommodation during school year and holidays, the school material, and the health care and maintenance for a whole year.

The Himalayan Children’s Foundation, a Nepalese Foundation that runs the Kailash Home, issues at the end of each school quarter an evaluation report on the evolution, progress and overall development of each student and encourages personal contact between sponsor and child.

Nepal’s education system includes education from kindergarten to level 10 (primary and secondary school). At the end of this period, the children pass an official exam, the SEE, to access grades 11 and 12. The vast majority of the children entering the home are between 6 and 8 years old, allowing us to begin the education cycle from the first levels.

For this reason we ask the sponsors to make themselves responsible for children’s education until they finish grade 12. If a sponsorship were to be discontinued for any reason, Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation undertakes to look for another sponsor and if one cannot be found, the Foundation takes charge of the required funding for the rest of the child’s education.

Most of our children reach grades 11 and 12. During this period we provide advice on their career and higher education choices. At this stage, the outstanding figures of the future in medicine, finance, tourism and even sports begin to emerge.

On completing high school, the Foundation helps to guide the children in the process of becoming independent.

When you sponsor a child you are not only expanding his or her opportunities for the future but are also helping to build a better and fairer world. If this unique experience interests you, don’t hesitate to contact us