Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation is a private non-profit, non-denominational and non-politically affiliated foundation formed by mountaineers in solidarity with the children of the mountains of Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, India and Bhutan. MHF  believes that basic education is the best way to assure this area’s economic, social, cultural and political progress.

The funds of the Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation are devoted to financing the performance of projects connected with the elementary education of the boys and girls of the Himalayas.

We apply these funds to specific, lasting, immediately effective and transparent projects which are preferably carried out with local collaborators –who are the best acquainted with the special features of each area– to assure the greatest possible respect of our action for each group of people’s customs, culture and habits, which we do not wish to disturb in any way.

The Foundation’s Trustees visit our local collaborators regularly, acting as verifiers of the actions which they carry out. Our funds come from our initial endowment of 100,000 euros and from private contributions made by both enterprises and individuals.