As everyone knows, art has been and continues to be a vehicle of transmission for the communication and conveyance of knowledge. Art and the work of artists help to dignify people and they are very important to the development of children and adolescents.

This project, which was carried out in 2009, entailed the making of a large-scale pictorial mural by the girls and boys of the Kailash Home to get them involved in a participative, solidarity-based artistic educational project which was also conceived to enlist the participation of the people of the surrounding neighbourhood, activating the area in this way.

Within this framework, Mountaineers for Himalayas Foundation held a public contest which was open to all the artists of Andorra. The winner was the Andorran sculptor Jordi Casamajor.

The subject of the mural was to be connected in some way with the environment, peace, and the promotion of good social conduct (brotherhood, solidarity…).

MHF supported the project, providing the necessary space and taking all the necessary steps to assure its success.

With this proposal, we achieved various goals by:

  • contributing through art to the happiness of boys and girls with difficulties
  • fostering artistic creativity among young people,
  • achieving, through the participation of young people, a solidarity-oriented learning process,
  • influencing the educational stage of these young people through a collective creative  process,
  • participating, through Andorran society, in solidarity actions.