Our sponsorship system covers primary, secondary and high school education (grades 1 to 12 in Nepal), but once this stage has been completed, most of the children are able to start vocational training or to attend the university. The Foundation provides them with guidance and help in the process of becoming independent and contacts their sponsors to see if they wish to continue providing financial support for the students in this new stage. Sometimes, however, sponsors cannot provide further support or cannot cover the total amount required. For this reason, the Foundation has created two funds, “The University Fund” and “The Vocational Training Fund”, both of which are conceived to assure the availability of the necessary funds to support all the boys and girls who aspire to attend the university or to receive vocational training.

Additionally, the Foundation has created “The College Fund”, which allows financing of the extra expenses involved in college studies since the costs of grades 11 and 12 are higher than those of primary and secondary schoolings.



 The University Found


Although the students contribute by earning and managing their daily maintenance expenses, the cost of college university enrolment and material fees in Nepal is an average of $ 3,000 per year, which some but not all of the sponsors are in a position to cover.

We anticipate that each year 3 students will require outside support, making for a sum of about $ 9,000 to be covered by this fund.

If you would like to help these students to achieve their aspirations of becoming doctors, teachers or any other profession in which they can contribute to their country’s development, and if you want to help them to make their dreams come true, we invite you to cooperate by donating to our University Fund.

The David Bidwell Vocational Training Fund

We are committed to providing our children with the best education possible. However, we know that not everyone is able to continue beyond grade 10 (secondary school) or even to reach this level in some cases. For this reason, we have developed a programme to provide young people with vocational training in non-academic subjects, preparing them for life after leaving the Kailash Home in this way.

If you would like to provide support for these students so they can successfully face their working lives on leaving our home, please cooperate by making a donation to the David Bidwell Vocational Training Fund. This Fund has been created in memory of David Bidwell, the co-founder of the Kailash Home project.

The College fund

Although our sponsorship system covers children’s studies through grade 12, we know that some children do not come to attend high school (grades 11 and 12), so that the additional costs involved in these two school years ($ 600) are not included in the annual amount of $ 1,600 undertaken by sponsors.

An average of 16 students per year attend high school, which entails an additional expense of $ 9,600. For this reason the Foundation has created the College Fund.

If you would like to support the boys and girls of Kailash Home who attend high school so that they can continue their education, you can cooperate with us by making a donation to the College Fund