For more than ten years now, Mountaineers for Himalayas has been working on projects connected with the education of the boys and girls of this region of the world, devoting its own funds to specific, lasting, transparent and immediately effective actions. Following the earthquakes of last April and May in Nepal, however, we decided to launch the NOW WE NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER campaign with the special  aim of raising funds to help the victims of this catastrophe.

In keeping with our principle of transparency, listed below are the donations we have received in this campaign and the use to which we have put them up to now.

 Consolidated data AMOUNT
NET REVENUE 203.196 €
SPAIN 129.254 €
ANDORRA 73.942 €
Kailash Home: Basic supplies for children and personnel -52.898 €
Edurne and Benegas Brothers joint project -63.054 €
Aid to the school and village of SAMA -33.244 €
Contribution to the Andorra NGO platform Ajuda Nepal (Help Nepal) -20.000 €
Earthquake relief Langtang -34.000 €

Updated on 31/12/2016. Project finished.