The heart and health of a family are based on the food prepared in the kitchen. This is why a kitchen makes a building a home and it is fundamental to the physical growth of children. In fact, as in most households, the kitchen is the most frequented room at the Kailash Home.

Updating of facilities: With time and experience, maturity and progress, the project has gone about celebrating every little milestone in the life of the children. Time and use, however, have also gone to wear down infrastructures and facilities. Originally planned for a smaller number of children (there are 104 at present), the kitchen was in great need of more modern and safer facilities and equipment.

Cooperative project for the self-financing of the Kailash Home: A well-equipped kitchen, together with a team of culinary experts, has not only answered Kailash’s educational needs but has moreover entailed as from 2015 a source of income for the home, allowing the sale of bakery products such as bread and pastries to customers throughout the area where it is located. Enthusiastic young people and a well-equipped kitchen has played a very important role in the generation of income for Kailash, as well as in the maintenance and the training of our boys and girls in the culinary professions.

Vocational training: The children have multi-faceted talents and it is indispensable to encourage them to strengthen these talents so as to help them to become more capable and effective people as they grow up. With a group of boys and girls who have widely differing backgrounds and skills, the kitchen updating project has met the need to involve these young people in occupational training activities based on their individual interests, especially in the case of those who wish to become qualified in the fields of cooking and pastry making.